Gas Station

  • Construction of service stations
  • Renovation of service stations
  • Installation of underground and aboveground tanks (steel and fiberglass)
  • Installation of gasoline dispensers
  • Installation of a leak detection system
  • Marquise
  • Installation of consoles and execution of electrical work
  • Installation of piping
  • Landscaping
  • Proposal of plans and specifications
  • Programming and commissioning
  • Installation of a concrete slab under the tank, if necessary
  • Pouring a concrete deck
  • Installing a fuel pump island
  • Installation of a sign base
  • Installation of a lamppost base
  • Completion of all required electrical work and commissioning of equipment and service station

Dismantling of tanks

  • Pumping and cleaning of fuel tanks 
  • Removal of underground and above ground fuel tanks  
  • Disposal and destruction of old fuel tanks 
  • Excavation and backfilling of site 
  • Certified auditor service

Installation for marinas

  • Installation of steel or fibreglass double wall tanks  
  • Installation of vending machines with pay stations at the dock 
  • Installation of self-service systems for marinas 
  • Conversion of facilities from existing infrastructure 

Installation for air terminals

  • Installation of aircraft fuel pumps 
  • Installation of underground or above ground fuel tanks 
  • Manufacture of conduit and concrete decks 
  • Excavation and backfilling of site 
  • Cleaning and emptying of old fuel tanks 

Service and maintenance of equipment

  • Verification of the state of infrastructures and equipment 
  • Maintenance and cleaning of fuel tanks 
  • Taking charge of emergencies at all times 
  • Maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical pumps 
  • Installation of consoles and printers 
  • Installation of leak detection systems 
  • Inspection and preventive calibration of dispensers 
  • Inspection and compliance report for fuel tanks 
  • Verification and report of cathodic protection 
  • Maintenance and preventive maintenance  
  • Sale of parts and equipment 
  • Refurbishment of pumps in the workshop   
  • Fabrication, installation and maintenance or posts and lighting systems  
  • Storage of new and used equipment and inventory control  

Installation of above ground urea tanks

  • Transport and installation of urea tanks with integrated pump (tank capacity from 500 to 15,000 L depending on model) 
  • Possibility of opting for a dispenser with underground tank 

Our urea storage tank models are equipped with: 

  • An electronic register with heater 
  • A backlight on the register and a pulse interface 
  • A stainless-steel bezel access door  
  • Cabinet accessories and thermostatic heater   
  • 2” SS Camlock connection 
  • Overfill protection 
  • A fully insulated double-walled DEF tank  
  • Stainless steel piping  
  • Backup battery 
  • ¾ X 50 DEF hoses and rotary joint with high-capacity reel  
  • Standard DEF hose  
  • A first 1300W, 230V heater 
  • A second 1300W heater 
  • An emergency stop package  
  • Weights and Measures Canada certification 
  • OPW 1674AN-SS20 Dry Break

Bulloch service (payment counter)

  • Implementation of the cash counter by a certified technician specialized in Bulloch systems 
  • Emergency response and remote service available at all times 
  • Availability of a certified technician on site at all times  



Electrical terminals

  • Installation and start-up  
  • System configuration  
  • Choice of floor standing and/or wall-mounted models 
  • Cellular connectivity  
  • Customizable video and banner options  
  • 5.7” colour LCD screen 
  • Lightweight and self-retracting  
  • Multiple languages  
  • Automatic brightness control

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